Burghardt+Schmidt produces machines and lines with highest precision for cutting and levelling of thin and delicate metal strips:

We specialize in the processing of thinnest metal strips. The majority of our systems are designed for the cutting and straightening of various metals in the thickness range up to 6 mm (in case of straightening machines 8 mm) and in the width range up to 2300 mm.
Each of our systems is designed according to the customer's requirements, so that we can offer you an individual solution for your special needs, dimensions and materials.


B+S is market leader for slitting lines and world market leader for stretch-bend-levelling lines.

We offer:

  •      Years of experience since 1945
  •      Quality products "Made in Germany"
  •      Highest precision
  •      competent consulting
  •      Worldwide references
  •      Long-term functionality and availability of your system
  •      Long-term availability of spare parts
  •      Own specialized service staff and fitters