Customer Service

Customer service based on extensive experience is the underlying principle of Burghardt + Schmidt's success. High-precision machines and lines, in conjunction with excellent communication with our clients are pre-requisites for a successful collaboration.


We intensely engage with our clients in the planning stage, even before the purchase of a line. In dialogue with experienced company engineers our clients receive information so that the machines and lines will perfectly match client needs.


Our qualified chief assemblers are on hand when machines and lines are installed, in order to train all those involved and to respond directly to any questions or deal with problems.

We also offer further, in-depth training, should the client wish it.


Regular maintenance and prompt replacement of parts ensure that our machines are fully functional and will remain in this condition for a long time.

We deliver quality parts for your line, promptly and reliably. Our experienced service team and our qualified technical service personnel are on hand with practical advice and know-how.

Refurbishing and Modernizing

We bring your existing system up to date.
We also overtake and modernize foreign products. Let our specialists advise you without any obligation.
New technologies can be integrated with an upgrade, e.g.

  • to increase the energy efficiency of your plant
  • to improve the quality of your products
  • to minimize downtime
  • to minimize set-up times

According to your priorities for the optimization of the plant, we would be pleased to advise you and offer you a suitable concept.